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About; what a truly terrifying word. ‘Tell me about yourself?’ Aaahh, nooo, runaway! Being British, I find myself very good at self-deprecation, but ask me to describe my interests or my merits and I immediately clam up. For the sake of the blog however, I shall attempt to give some representation of the unstable personage behind these ramblings.

I’m a 20 something female (you know it’s rude to ask a lady’s age), I live at home with the parents, dog, brother and sister (they won’t be reading this so read what you will into the ordering), and I work at a local café. I’m told I lack ambition, which means my ambitions aren’t the same as everybody else’s so what on earth am I doing?! At the moment I am content with my life so my philosophy is ‘why rock the boat?’

I enjoy reading, watching tele, cooking, and recently, golfing. I’m sure posts about these and much more will crop up, so I shan’t bore you with details here.

As for what this blog will be about, I haven’t the foggiest. A strange collection of anecdotes, rants, recipes and book reviews sounds the most accurate, or more succinctly; random.

Whatever crops up on here, please enjoy.

Scarlett x

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