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I am determined…

October 10, 2013

So 6 weeks since my last post, here I am again. 6 weeks. I don’t know where the time’s gone. Looking at all the posts I’ve missed from other bloggers, and the daily challenges which I would have been interested in doing, I am determined to get into the habit of blogging, or at the very least exploring the bloggespere every couple of days.

I am determined. This brings me to my thought for this post; I am determined. Such an easy phrase to use, and as I thought it in relation to my blog I realised how little meaning it actually has. Here are some of the things I have been determined to do over the past few weeks:

1) tidy the house. Seriously how many half read books do I need lying around.

2) join the gym. You sweat an unhealthy amount when mopping the floor at work- do something about it.

3) sort out a blog page for work. The website is never going to get done, take matters into your own hands.

4) play golf once a week. You enjoyed it to start with, don’t be put off just because you’re not Tiger Woods over night.

5) book a holiday. You have two weeks left, USE THEM!

How many of these things, which I was determined to do have I actually accomplished? One. Join the gym; check. Yay me!

It’s pathetic really, all the things which we (or at least I) plan to do and then don’t end up getting round to, or put off as another days job. I find the song ‘Tomorrow’ whirring through my mind. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ (Sings under breath) ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow you’re always a daaaay, aaaa-waaaay.’ Thank you, you’re all too kind, really.

Seriously though, I will try to update with other randomness as often as I can, it’s rather cathartic to ramble on anonymously. Writing about things may encourage me to actually do something as well…

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