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August 16, 2013

Don’t you love the coincidences in life? When someone hums the song you’ve had stuck on your head, or mentions the film you’ve been thinking about. I don’t mean the songs which are currently in the top played list, or new film releases, but those that you haven’t thought about for years and suddenly several things happen which make you think of them.

I’m not in the least bit superstitious, I don’t believe in fate or destiny, which makes coincidences for me all the better. It makes me smile to learn something new and then the next day have the topic come up in conversation so that I can display my new knowledge.

A conversation today made me consider my fascination with coincidences. Within the last couple of days, while searching my way through the WordPress universe I discovered a blog which mentioned Tom Hanks. This was such a random thing for me to read, and meant very little to me except as a passing interest, that I cannot recall whose blog it was. Anyway, this blog was about an article which Tom Hanks had written for the New York Times about typewriters. Yes typewriters. Apparently Mr Hanks is something of a typewriter fanatic (and why not? Being young enough to have never had the bother of typewriters, I myself have a certain nostalgic fascination with them). So today I was surprised to be asked the trivia question ‘who has the largest collection of typewriters in the world?’ Coincidence. Marvellous. ‘Tom Hanks’ I answer confidently. Just a random bit of trivia which made me smile.

Anyone who had seen the film ‘You’ve Got Mail’ will remember Frank, the boyfriend and typewriter fanatic (sound familiar?) It seems Tom just can’t hide his enthusiasm, even if he has to trust another actor to portray his love accurately.

So if you get asked about typewriters in the next few days, not only do you have a coincidence to smile at, but a new bit of knowledge to show off.

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