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Childhood Ambition

August 12, 2013

Was there something you really wanted to do when you were a child? Some ambition, which while attainable required a certain amount of patience, which no matter how enthusiastically you began, you could never quite summon in order to reach the end goal?

I had one such ambition which nearly 15 years later I have now achieved! Let me share with you my triumph over… Pokémon!

Yes, the nerd in me has surfaced! The slogan ‘Gotta cath ’em all’ will no longer haunt me! I am the ultimate Pokémon master…

except for the other three hundred and however many which I haven’t yet encountered. When I was playing Pokémon there were one hundred and fifty. One, Five, Zero. That was it and I couldn’t do it. Now there are hundreds that I’ve never even heard of!

Now, in no way do I consider myself old, in my opinion people who have a mid-life crisis in their twenties need to get a grip, however I was made to feel like a grandmother when the subject of Pokémon was broached with an eight year old some months ago. Seeing this child studying a Pokémon annual I mentioned that when I was his age, I played the Pokémon yellow version on gameboy colour. To be completely honest I don’t know which concept he had the most trouble grasping; the fact that I was ever his age, or the fact that I was ancient enough to have used a gameboy colour. Gameboy colour was high-tech was I was young, thank you very much.

The slap in the face came when he asked how many Pokémon I had caught and I responded that I managed to reach about 110. ‘But that’s nothing!’ Ta muchly.

So yes, my achievement may be small and irrelevant, and children of the latest generation of Pokémon may mock me, but there is a nine year old girl inside me who is glowing with pride right now…

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