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Getting Started

August 9, 2013

blank pageSo never having had a blog before, I find myself overwhelmed by the idea of ‘getting started’. I sit contemplating a blank screen, and wonder what words of wisdom I have to impart to the blogosphere which I now find myself a part of… Nada. Zilch. The big goose egg. So in light of my temporary stage fright I decided to begin with a summary of my encounter with this medium thus far.

While recently listening to some friends bemoan their own laziness in updating their blogs, I found myself wondering what I would write about if I joined their online ranks. I can’t say that any one particular topic sprang to mind, but over the next several days, various situations occurred which I pondered over the blog-worthiness of. I’ve often wondered in the past about the merits of sharing a recipe, or telling strangers about an encounter-of-the-drunken-kind which I had on the bus, or exclaiming in pride over the children’s game, which having been abandoned for 13 years, I have now completed.

But if not in a blog where else? I find the idea of sending a record of my exploits (which may be rather dull) and bragging about my achievement (however small or ridiculous) into the ether rather appealing. So here I sit waiting for inspiration to strike, so that my anonymous life account may be marvelled at (hardly) and enjoyed (hopefully) by whatever dear readers stumble across them.

So while I wait for my thoughts to unfurl themselves into something resembling common sense, I will sign myself off as merely,

Scarlett x

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